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DJ Danceover

I have personally known DJ Danceover AKA Phickle Productions for over 2 decades now. I attest here, formally and in front of the hordes that he is the second greatest DJ I have ever personally know – the other is?  Answers on a postcard please. I first met DJ Danceover in his bedroom studio in Hownslow back in 2000, with his then songwriting partner, Gawain Hewett. I immediately recognised his pedigree and embarked thusly on a series of projects and releases over the next 10 years. Some were good, lots were never released, but he remains a brilliant beats / dance producer and we are delighted to feature some of his tracks here.

What people say

A regular here for Friday’s nights Irregularities

White Horse (Brixton)

“I fuckin’ love that DJ, whass his name, fuckin’ buzzing sounds mate!”

A Regular Punter